Healthy Weight Management Rachel Waterhouse

Feel amazing again with our Healthy Weight Management

Rachel, who is also our practice manager, is passionate about helping people achieve weight wellness and improve their energy through her nutritional cleansing program.

As a program participant herself, she has lost and maintained over 21kgs and loves to see other people achieve their own goals.

Here at Family Tree Health, we believe that all aspects of health and well-being are underpinned by fantastic nutrition, and Rachel is here to help you.

Rachel has helped many, many people of all ages lose weight and feel better


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Rachel, Office Manager - Family Tree Team

About Rachel

As our most experienced Office Manager, Rachel has been an essential part of the Tree since September 2013 – we really would not be here without her dedication and love.
Rachel cares so much for our families, and works tirelessly to ensure all patients, and practitioners, are nurtured while in this space.
She trains all our office managers – few people understand the people, culture and mission of Family Tree as much as Rachel.