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When should you see a Myotherapist?

Myotherapy is applied in the rehabilitative, corrective and preventative phases of therapy to restore and maintain the normal integrity of the soft tissue structures (muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia).

The aim of Myotherapy is to treat the cause as well as the symptoms of a wide range of conditions.

Pain or symptoms caused by muscle (myo) or fascia (connective tissue) are described as "myofascial". The cause of musculoskeletal pain and symptoms in many conditions is myofascial. It may originate from abnormal muscle contraction or trigger points in muscle or fascia. These are often experience by the individual as feeling of 'tightness' or 'knots' within the muscles.

Myofascial pain may be experienced locally or it may radiate to areas away from the original source. Other symptoms may also be experienced as a result of trigger points within the muscles such as decreased range of motion, stiffness, fatigue, weakness and tingling or numbness.

These may be the result of a number of factors including poor posture, overuse of muscles and stress.

What conditions can benefit from
Myotherapy treatment

  • Chronic Overuse Syndrome to wrist, hand or elbow from poor posture at a computer or prolonged useage.
  • Headaches as a result of tension in neck and shoulder muscles which refer pain to areas of the head
  • Chronic back pain, including 'Sciatica' caused by tightness in some muscles and weakness in others. Restoring muscle balance and optimal posture is a major aspect.
  • Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis elbow). Localized tenderness of elbow and radiating pain to forearm. Often as a result of overuse and weakness of wrist extensor muscles, which can result in trigger points developing.
  • Shoulder pain, e.g. Impingement Syndrome. During overhead arm motions impingement can cause micro-trauma, and result in pain and inflammation of the shoulder. Abnormal muscle contraction and trigger points can develop
  • Chronic knee pain may be caused by your patella ('knee cap') not tracking or moving correctly. This can be a result of many factors including muscle imbalance in the thigh, and pronation of the foot.
  • Hand and finger numbness and tingling. Compression of nerves and/or blood vessels at the thoracic outlet due to abnormal muscle contraction and trigger points in neck muscles (usually scalenes) can cause these symptoms. Your sitting posture at work or your sleeping position (e.g. pillow height) may be contributing factors.
  • 'Shin Splints'. Common term used to describe exercise induced pain to the lower leg. e.g. Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome can be treated by a Myotherapist using a variety of techniques including soft tissue manipulation, dry needling, electro-mechanical stimulation, and thermal applications.
  • Stiff neck. Often a result of abnormal muscle contraction which causes severe pain and discomfort on movements of the head and neck. Passive stretching, and thermal techniques and soft tissue manipulation are often used to reduce the contraction and relieve discomfort relatively quickly. Contributing factors need to be considered.
  • Foot pain. Pain in this area can often be referred from trigger points in leg or foot muscles. Myotherapists can treat the trigger points and also address any perpetuating factors e.g. poor footwear.
  • Sprained ankle. Overstretching of muscles (e.g. peroneals) often occurs with an ankle sprain. The resulting abnormal muscle and/or trigger points can be effectively treated

About Elite Myotherapy

Elite Myotherapy are leaders in the Myotherapy industry with a solid reputation for our ability to empower and help people who are in pain and have been “everywhere else” but are still not improving.

With over 16 years experience in the industry and having worked with many elite athletes both nationally and internationally, we have a vast and impressive network of allied health practitioners we can refer you to, should the need arise, this is one of the reasons why so many of our clients recommend their family and close friends to us.

We are able to know quickly if we can help your condition due to our vast knowledge of the body and a thorough understanding of when we need to refer you to another practitioner for your benefit. We treat the cause of your pain not the symptoms of your pain.

We are passionate about the mind body connection and reducing or eliminating chronic pain and know how to look outside the square if we need to. Every case we treat has its own unique treatment plan that we explain and encourage you to follow.

What makes us Unique?

We have developed advanced treatment practices and an industry leading professional development program that ensures our Myotherapists can identify, treat and correct your source of discomfort quickly - guaranteed.

We have worked with so many different organisations and events over the years that we can confidently treat many different complaints and assist you if you are attempting a special goal and need advice on how to keep your body working well throughout the training, event and post event phases.

Organisations we have worked with include:

  • The Australian Open Tennis Tournament
  • Australian Fed Cup Team
  • The AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) tennis squad
  • Around the Bay in a Day
  • Australian Sprint Kayak Team
  • Australian Men’s Basketball Team
  • Members of the Australian Swim Team
  • WTA International Women’s Tennis tour- Australia Pacific region
  • Sydney Olympic Medical Team 2000
  • Athens Olympic Medical Team 2004
  • The Melbourne Commonwealth Games– co-ordinated the massage department
  • Oxfam trail walker– - Set up massage for the event and supervised students for 5 years.
  • Triathlons in Melbourne
  • The Melbourne Marathon
  • The Melbourne Storm Rugby Club
  • The Australian Ballet Company
  • Essendon Football Club
  • Hollywood actors when in Melbourne on a film shoot- Names’ withheld for privacy reasons
  • Many corporations interested in keeping their employees health and well being a priority for increased productivity long-term.

We are prepared to admit when we cannot help and when you should seek other advice, however we will not leave you to finding someone yourself, we will get you in touch with the correct practitioner you may be needing and stay in communication with them until we are confident you are getting the help you need.

You are Protected:

  • Our therapists have to belong to an industry association to work with us.
  • All therapists must have over $5,000,000 in Professional Indemnity cover. Our strict business procedures makes sure this never lapses.
  • All our therapist must have Level 2 First Aid Certificates and update their CPR yearly - no exceptions.
  • Our myotherapists must complete a set amount of Continuing Education Points to work within our clinic.

Our Customer Service:

We go to great measures to make sure that our therapists deliver a superb customer service that goes beyond your expectations.

Our in-house training officer ensures this happens with a number of set procedures she must adhere to in order to keep monitoring all the therapists no matter what their individual level of experience is.

We ensure an open and understanding attitude to our clients when feedback is given.


Our Therapists Profiles

Elite Myotherapy Samantha Rigby Sam founded Elite Myotherapy in 2001 and has since built the practice into the success it is today. She completed an advanced diploma in Myotherapy at RMIT in 1995 and then went on to further her studies, completing a bachelor of health sciences in 2000.

Sam has had extensive experience working with athletes through her work with Essendon Football Club, Australian Kayak Team, Australian Open and WTA tour.

Sam was selected to be part of Australian Olympic Medical Team at both Athens and Sydney.

She co-managed the massage department for the Melbourne Commonwealth Games Polyclinic 2006. Sam is passionate about her work with the body and when not dedicating herself to aiding others with their health and well-being, she likes to spend her spare time looking after her own fitness doing Pilates.

Samantha Rigby

B.Health Sci.,Ass.Dip. App.Sci-Myotherapy


Elite Myotherapy Nicole Davies Nicole has completed the highest qualification within the discipline of Myotherapy, a four year Bachelor of Health Science Degree at the Southern School of Natural Therapies, qualifying as a Clinical Myotherapist. Nicole furthered her studies with Charles Sturt University by completing a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology (Rehabilitation). Nicole practiced as a Clinical Myotherapist in several multidisciplinary clinics for a number of years before studying for her Masters.

Nicole’s professional focus is on finding the cause of the problem and not just treating the symptoms. Then working with the client to manage their pain and help them achieve an improved quality of life. Nicole has an interest in pre and post natal care as well as continuing her learning by completing short courses including Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), Press Needling and Kinesiology Rock Taping.

In Nicole’s spare time she enjoys swimming, Pilates, keeping fit and healthy, walking her dogs, and spending time with family and friends.

Nicole Davies

BHScClinMyo (SSNT) & MClinExPhys (CSU)


Elite Myotherapy Megghan Ryan Megg graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy from RMIT with previous experience in Sport & Recreation Management and is a member of the Institute of Registered Myotherapists of Australia (IRMA).

Throughout her career, Megg has developed a keen interest in working with athletes. She completed an internship with the Western Bulldogs Football Club, the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, and is currently working for the Essendon Football Club.

Megg is a passionate therapist who enjoys working with babies and children, treating a variety of different conditions occurring in childhood and adolescence. As well as treating clients who are experiencing chronic & postural related pain.

In her spare time Megg enjoys playing netball, reading a good book, and spending quality time with her family.

Megghan Ryan

Adv. Dip. Myotherapy (RMIT) B. Sport Management

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