Kelly Eason


Kellie is passionate about providing holistic care, with the aim of supporting optimal health & wellbeing for families.


She has had over 20 years of clinical experience as a Nurse & Midwife, providing care for families from pregnancy through birth and beyond.


In 2004, Kellie gained her first of 3 certifications as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) 


It has been since then, that Kellie has been predominantly working in the field of early parenting & infant feeding support.  

Following this, she played a key role in the establishment of inpatient breastfeeding support services at the Royal Women’s Hospital.  

It was here, where she was first trained to assess & support families affected by tongue ties & other complex feeding issues.


As well as the Royal Women’s Hospital, Kellie has also worked at the Mercy Hospital for Women as an IBCLC & Midwife.

Her role involved consulting new families as well as providing secondary consultation for her colleagues.


In keeping up to date with the latest clinical knowledge, Kellie attends approximately 80 hours or more of professional development each year.

This involves attending local & interstate conferences/courses. 


Kellie has strong networks with holistic colleagues from a variety of Paediatric modalities such as Chiropractic, Osteopathy & Myotherapy.

She actively works alongside them in order to further build on her assessment & therapeutic skills.

It also enables her to ensure her patients are referred to the most caring, gentle & knowledgeable of complementary health practitioners.


Kellie has also successfully completed several university based courses in Family & Child Health.  

This has enabled her to gain experience & further develop her knowledge about family/child development, health & wellbeing.


Kellie has a special interest infant myofunctional oral therapy.

In early 2016, she Kellie became the first IBCLC in Victoria to have completed the Integrated Treatment of Feeding, Speech & Mouth Function in Paediatrics Intensive with world renowned Speech Language Pathologist & Infant Feeding Therapist, Diane Bahr.

This enables the assessment & application of gentle & non-invasive therapies involved in complex infant feeding issues such as Fussy feeding, Upper Lip & Tongue Ties, Colic & Reflux.


Kellie provides:

    •    In Home consultations 

    •    Clinic Consultations at Family Tree Health on Fridays working closely with Dr. Paul Chamberlain

    •    Secondary consultation & infant feeding support for families attending tongue/lip tie assessments at Coburg Dental Group with Dr. Jeffrey Kestenberg, Dr. Matthew Siebel & Oral Myologists, Mandy, Vicky & Kate

Kellie has had advanced training & ongoing experience with:

    •    Complex breastfeeding & bottle-feeding issues

    •    Non invasive management of lip & tongue ties

    •    Pre /post frenectomy assessment & rehabilitation

    •    Colic, reflux, fussy feeding, gassy babies

    •    Low breastmilk supply

    •    Oversupply of breastmilk

    •    Mastitis, blocked ducts

    •    Painful latch, sore nipples/breasts  & infections of the nipple/breast

    •    Gentle sleep and settling solutions for under 3’s


Professional Qualifications:


1. Bachelor of Health Sciences (Nursing) Victoria University, 1994


2. Post Graduate Diploma in Midwifery, Latrobe University, 1995


3. IBCLC (certified in 2004/2009/2014)


4. Childbirth Educator, Royal Women’s Hospital, 2000


Professional Registration:


AHPRA NMW0001051055 / NMW0001051056


IBCLC L-33579


Professional Memberships:


Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation


Lactation Consultant’s Association of Australia & New Zealand


International Lactation Consultants Association