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Our Lactation Consultant Di Diddle

How we can help breastfeeding

Di Diddle is a Childbirth Educator, Certified Thompson Method Breastfeeding Educator and Breastfeeding Fine Tuning Consultant.
Her breastfeeding approach is collaborative and respectful with the mother and baby being central.

A consultation involves listening to information about your birth, your concerns and what has taken place over the past days/weeks. Ideally a breastfeed will be observed with discussion, suggestions and simple adjustments offered.

The emphasis is around avoiding interfering with you and your baby’s instincts. You will leave feeling more confident and at ease with your breastfeeding. Most suitable for newborn babies under 6 weeks of age.

Consultations are 1 hour (including observation of a breastfeed) – $120

All parents deserve to be heard & supported well throughout their journey 

Breastfeeding problems addressed:

Breastfeeding problems addressed:

  • tongue tie
  • shallow ‘latch’
  • fussy/unsettled baby
  • trouble ‘latching’
  • sore/damaged
  • nipples/discomfort while feeding
  • pain
  • baby clicking while feeding
  • over supply/engorgment
  • “am I doing this right?”

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